Our Affiliate or Referral Program allows us to work directly with our customers to help keep costs down. The cost of advertising can double or triple (or more!) your final retail price. Because we put so much money into ingredients, we cannot afford to advertise and keep our prices within the budget of the average customer...something that has always been our goal. We take that concept one step further by sharing our saved advertising dollars with you! Whether you refer one person or 5000, you will receive money back from us for every purchase made through your referral link.

Q: How much can I earn back?
A: We pay 10% commissions paid 1 month after the sale on the 15th of every month via your Paypal account. (Ie; $100.00 in sales earns you $10.00)!

Q: What's involved in signing up?
A: We've made it extremely easy! Sign up here: PURAVEDA ORGANICS REFFERAL PROGRAM  (or on several convenient links found on our site). It's 100% free and only takes a moment. You'll be sent a link via email that will take you to your own individualized affiliate dashboard. There you will find your affiliate link and easy to understand marketing materials. 

Q: How do I get started?
A:  From your dashboard, with the click of a button, you can send emails, or post to your social media network. If you have a website, you can embed our banners with a link back to our website. Any customer coming to our site and making a purchase gets credited to your account. You can track all of your clicks and sales from your affiliate dashboard as well. 

Q: Is this some MLM thing?
A: No, it's really not. You don't have to buy a thing to participate. It IS a fantastic way for us to spread the word about our products via the people who are best qualified to talk about them...our customers who use and love our products! It's a Win:Win situation, since you can earn back commissions while helping us grow our company, and keep our consumer prices affordable to any customer who understands how important avoiding toxic chemical bombardment actually is. Simply put.. We would rather give back money to our customers than write huge checks to Google or Facebook every month! We believe this is a business paradigm that's here to stay, based on a world where we are all connected, technologically speaking, in ways that have never been possible until very recently!