Beet Root

Nourishes, Strengthens & Fades Melasma (Hyperpigmention)



Beetroot (Beta vulgaris)is perhaps the most perfect root vegetable grown on the planet! The deep-red colored juice of Beetroot is nutritionally rich in several vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. When applied topically to the skin, the high levels of powerful antioxidants like Belatins and Betaine in Beetroot reduce oxidative stress and neutralize damaging free radicals from the dermis. Beet is also rich in minerals like zinc, selenium and copper that boost skin’s radiance. 

This wholesome package of antioxidants, along with high levels of Beta-carotene, Vitamin C and E, makes beetroot extract a very effective ingredient to help delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Folate, Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Iron and several other minerals in beet strengthen the natural barrier and aid in vigorous growth of new skin cells. Regular application in the form of an organic toner/hydrator deeply nourishes, making skin soft and supple and imparting a natural healthy glow. 

Beetroot extract is also very effective at treating blemishes and balancing kapha dosha skin. The active anti-inflammatory compounds in beet prevents acne and reduces pore size, and is also helpful in treating red shaving bumps (ingrown). 

Most importantly, the Vitamin C and enzymes in Beetroot extract slow down melanin formation (or the pigment cells), which is very beneficial in reducing the appearance of uneven skin pigmentation and dark spots. 


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