Dosha Quiz

Confused on what products are right for you? Take the short quiz below and find out!


My skin is:
1. Dry
2. Slightly Oily
3. Oily

My skin usually feels:
1. Cool
2. Warm
3. Cold

My pores are:
1. Small or nearly invisible
2. Medium
3. Large

My skin's texture is:
1. Thin, delicate, fine wrinkles, matte
2. Medium, easily irritated, soft luster
3. thick, enlarged pores, shiny

My skin problems get worse during:
1. Cold, windy weather
2. Hot weather
3. Cool, humid weather

My skin problems:
1. Easily bruised or scratched, fine lines and dry patches
2. Redness, breakouts, freckles, allergy, Rosacea
3. Oiliness, eruptions

If you answered #1 the majority of the time, you are a Vata Dosha
Mostly #2 answers? you are a Pitta Dosha

If you've got more #3 answers, you are a Kapha Dosha 

Know your skin type.

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