HYPERPIGMENTATION (Freckles & Dark Spots)



hyperpigmentation.pngHyperpigmentation is your skin’s reaction to UV light rays, resulting in uneven dark skin spots (ie; melanin production).

Simply put, if you expose your skin repeatedly over time to intense UV rays, and fail to use a good quality sunscreen, such as our SunProtect SPF 30+ or protective clothing such as rash guards, or a sun hat, you are at risk for hyperpigmentation of the skin. 

This results in dark uneven “sun spots” and increased visibility of freckles.

Hyperpigmentation in adults is a sign of underlying UV damage, which causes premature aging of the skin with wrinkles, areas of depigmentation, sagging and thinning of the collagen layer.  Prevention is the best course of action in this case, as avoiding hyperpigmentation is far easier than getting rid of it.  However, if you are already experiencing hyperpigmentation, it's never too late to prevent future damage and begin to undo the damage you have incurred!

In addition to UV driven pigment changes in the skin, there are other factors that go into balancing skin tone. One of the most important elements is consistent EXFOLIATION, which should be part of every skincare regimen to reap ultimate benefits from other skincare products.

For those who already have hyperpigmentation, the best solution is often using products which have “lightening and brightening” properties.  Unfortunately, many of these products, such Glycolic acid and Hydroquinone are also toxic and have been shown to have adverse effects in many people who have used them.

Brighter Skin from Elements of Nature?

At PuraVeda Organics, we use a proprietary blend of Kojic acid (derived from mushrooms), Uva Ursi (Bearberry) and Licorice Root (Glycyrrhiza glabra) in an all natural formula we have named "DevaBright".

These three elements have been used for centuries by women all over the world to combat the dark spots of hyperpigmentation and we have combined them together for the most powerful skin brightening and lightening solution available today, without the use of dangerous man made chemicals that damage skin.

  • Sunprotect SPF 30+ Sunscreen Sunprotect SPF 30+ Sunscreen
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    Puraveda Organics

    Sunprotect SPF 30+ Sunscreen

    Meet your new Go-To Sunscreen! Our Award-Winning Zinc Oxide broad spectrum Sunscreen effectively blocks A, B and C UV rays, while it's Skin Nourishing Organic Shea Butter, Botanical Extracts and naturally derived vitamins protects while leaving your …

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    Organic BioScience Peptide Complex 30ml (Travel/Trial Size) Organic BioScience Peptide Complex 15ml (Travel/Trial Size)

    Puraveda Organics

    Bioscience Peptide Complex Anti-Aging Serum

    This Truly Effective Anti-Aging Peptide serum smooths and fills fine-lines, targets deep expression Wrinkles, and adds bounce and spring to tired, sagging skin by helping reinforce your supportive Collagen net. Our proprietary brightening formula...

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  • Combat Free Radical Cell Damage Naturally
For Aging, Wrinkled, or Sun-Damaged Skin.
A Few Drops Is All You Need!
Full Of Rare & Precious Essential Oils
Vanishes Instantly! 
Concentrated Formula Will Last For Months
Reveal Your Own Younger-Looking Skin!  (All ingredients 100% Organic/sustainably wild crafted): Oils of Jojoba, Coconut, Sweet Almond, Grapeseed & Hempseed. Allantoin. Herbal infusions of Calendula flowers, Bilberry, Neem leaf, Slippery Elm, Chickweed, Skullcap, Ginkgo leaf, Fennel Seed, Hawthorn Berry, Green Tea, Marshmallow Root, St. John’s Wort & Alfalfa. Essential oils of Orange, Ylang ylang & Rose.
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    Puraveda Organics

    Collagen Boost Serum

    Collagen Building Firming Facial Moisturizer is Perfect For Aging, Wrinkled, or Sun-Damaged Skin.  The fact is, you don’t have to live with past skincare or lifestyle choices that may have caused cell damage with the wrinkles, fine lines a…

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  • Normal Formula Exfoliating Mask & Scrub. Can be used as a Mask or a gentle Scrub. Identical to our SBR Mask, but has micronized walnut shell so that it can be used as a scrub in addition to an enzymatic papaya and honey peel/exfoliator.  100% organic or sustainably wild-crafted ingredients with zero fillers, toxins, synthetic chemical or preservatives.   An indispensable part of a an effective skin care regimen, it sloughs away dead skin and encourages cell regeneration.
Papaya & Honey Exfoliation Mask & Scrub
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    Puraveda Organics

    Papaya & Honey Exfoliation Mask & Scrub

    DEEP CLEANING WITH THE POWER OF PURE HONEY & NATURAL PAPAYA ENZYMES Do you have blackheads that won't budge? Is your complexion muddy, uneven, or rough to the touch? Without proper exfoliation, dead skin cells remain on your face, mixing with...

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