KAPHA (Oily/Visible Pores) Skin type

Kapha, is considered “thick, lubricated and well-nourished,” in Ayurvedic terminology, which translates to a skin type that is oily with larger pores. Kapha skin types may be able to put off the visible signs of aging longer than their VATA counterparts, but they have their own issues to combat for their unique complexion. Kapha skin can resemble the skin of citrus fruit up close, but reducing shine via calming skin hormones and keeping pores free of debris, as well skin actives to tighten pores, can go a long way to smoothing Kapha facial skin!


This cleanser reduces oil production without over-drying your skin and removes impurities while balancing your complexion. It is gentle enough to be used daily and is the perfect way to remove blackheads and improve your complexion and confidence!

Just because your skin is oily doesn’t mean it doesn’t crave hydration and this toner is the big drink of water your face requires for the healthy complexion you seek. This toner will balance the oils in your skin, shrink your pores and give your complexion the balance you seek. Unlike conventional toners, ours is alcohol free and won’t leave your skin feeling dry and dull!

Although this is an optional step, it has great benefits for your skin and should be included in your regimen for optimal results. Our Bioscience Peptide Complex will tighten and brighten dull aging skin and is lightweight with no skin irritants to disrupt your delicate skin.

Our Rejuv Serum is perfect for normal skin that may look a bit tired and need a rejuvenated; there is no water added and Rejuv Serum has a light consistency for quick absorption! The Collagen Boost Serum is for skin that has seen its share of sun damage and is starting to display wrinkles—perfect for aging skin that needs some help without surgical intervention; a few small drops is all you need to begin seeing results. Whichever serum fits your skin type is the best fit for you and necessary for your VATA regimen.

EXFOLIATOR: The Papaya & Honey Exfoliation Mask and Scrub is perfect for normal and dry skin and is an integral component of a healthy skin care regimen. It works to unclog pores and slough away dead skin, encouraging cell regeneration. The result is an even and glowing complexion.


Prevent damage to your skin and protect it from UVA and UVB rays by applying our SunProtect daily!.

Almost magical instant fine line reduction and de-puffing of delicate eye area.

Lightweight nighttime eye repair that reduces fine lines and easily rolls on providing excellent coverage while conserving the valuable oil.

It only requires a very small amount to target and heal blemishes quickly without doing damage to your skin!