Kaolin Clay

A Gentle Way to Deeply Purify Pores and Battle Blemishes




A high quality Clay Mask is the one skin care arsenal you absolutely must have if you’re prone to blemishes. While some versions can excessively dry the skin, (which can counterintuitively lead to increased oil production and more acne!), Kaolin Clay is gentle and works with dry, oily, sensitive and combination skin types. 

Kaolin is obtained from ‘Kaolinite’, an earth mineral mined in France, England, China and some regions of the United States and is the key ingredient in our Daytime On the Spot Blemish Treatment. The mask can be diluted with any of our organic hydrators and applied directly on a blemish and any reddened area surrounding it.  It dries down in a few seconds and works as a natural mineral concealer / base under makeup. 

While the blemish stays covered on the outside, the clay particles and purifying botanicals travel deep inside to pull away charged toxins, dirt, debris, oil and microbes from clogged pores. Kaolin has a neutral pH and slightly grainy texture, that buffs away dead skin cells, while gently exfoliating the skin. It is also effective in toning enlarged pores of Kapha, or oily skin. Rich in silica, the spot treatment hydrates skin and trains it to perfectly balance oil production for a flawless (even barefaced!) complexion. 


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