African Black Soap

Disclaimer: This webpage is for educational and informative purposes ONLY. Due to the fact of our high quality ingredients, lately we have been deluged with requests for sourcing, or purchase of individual ingredients from our lab.



The Best Natural Alternative to Chemical-based Cleansers


Finding a natural cleanser that gives you the ‘squeaky clean’ feel without the downside of chemical surfactants like sulfates may be difficult, but not impossible! African Black Soap is the best 100% natural lathering ingredient used in organic skin and hair care, that is MORE than just a cleanser.

Black soap is made from sustainable and fair-trade sourced local African plant remains. It is a mixture of water and ashes of palm tree leaves, cocoa pods, shea tree bark and plantain.

The African soap is the base material of our organic facial cleansers and shampoos. It is suitable for oily to extremely dry skin and hair. The natural oils in the soap stops excessive moisture loss and keeps the skin or hair strands coated with a soft, waxy protective film even after repeated cleansing.

Ash in African Black soap contains an abundance of the element ‘sulfur’, which is known for its strong antibacterial properties. It is gentle, yet very powerful in killing bacteria and fungus on the skin/scalp. Being rough in texture, it is also an excellent natural exfoliant.




100% Organic Skin Care Product | Luxurious Organic Daily Exfoliation & Detoxing Cleanser for Dry/Normal Skin.



Organic Daily Shampoo for Strong, Healthy & Glossy Hair. Non-toxic, Sustainable, Chemical & Cruelty Free.


Organic Pore Minimizing Facial Cleanser for Oily or Kapha Skin. Removes Blackheads and Reduces Oil Production Naturally.



Organic Daily Shine & Volumizing Body Formula for Fine, Thin & Limp Hair! Sulfate Detergent & Chemical-free.