PURAVEDA REVITALIZING CONDITIONER - Deeply Nourishing Organic Daily Conditioner for Dry, Brittle & Frizzy Hair - Color Safe!

(8 reviews)
  • Great for Curly, Coarse, Dry, Damaged, or Brittle Hair
  • Zero Chemicals or Toxins
  • Reduces Breakage and Spilt Ends
  • Detangles and Smoothes For Maximum Shine
Cruelty Free
Clinically Proven

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Many commercial conditioners claim to restore and revitalize your hair, but they lack the ingredients necessary to actually address the causes of dry and damaged hair. Instead, these chemical-laden conditioners use silicone to create a smooth feeling that actually leads to unhealthy residue build up on your hair. Break the cycle with our Deeply Nourishing Organic Revitalizing Hair Conditioner. Instead of chemicals, our formula utilizes only the finest plant-based ingredients to tame long, thick, and hard-to-manage hair, leaving nothing but pure shine behind.

Our products received the prestigious 'Best New Organic Products' Award from Organic Spa Magazine for the past 4 years!  We GUARANTEE everything we make and sell 100%. If you don't love it, we will refund your purchase price.

• 8 oz. Bottle
• 100% Organic Ayurvedic Concentrated Formula
• Cruelty-Free
• Features Shea Butter and Botanical Infusions

DIRECTIONS: Massage a small amount through hair and scalp, concentrating on ends, leave in 1-3 (or more) minutes & rinse.


 "My 66-year-old dry, brittle, curly hair is silky and shiny again thanks to your wonderful conditioner! Love it! Thanks for a great product". Carol M.


PLEASE NOTE: All skin & personal care products carry a (very small) potential risk of individual allergic reaction, regardless of how natural/organic the ingredients.  This includes even Hypoallergenic products, which means that no known common allergens have been used in a product formula.  We strongly recommend doing a small patch test of ANY product 24 hours prior to full application upon 1st usage, particularly if you have known sensitivities.  Discontinue use if swelling or itching occur & contact us for a refund.

INGREDIENTS: (All ingredients 100% Organic/sustainably wild crafted) Certified organic vitamin infused Aloe Vera gel and Shea Butter. Oils of Coconut oil, Meadowfoam, Olive and Hemp seed. Herbal extracts of Rosemary, Burdock, Horsetail, Sage, Oregano, Thyme, Lavender, Peppermint, Goldenseal, Cinnamon, Lemon peel, Palm and Cottonwood. Natural plant sourced Vitamin E, Vitamin A , Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2 , Vitamin B3. Plant sourced kosher vegan Xanthan Gum & Potassium Sorbate . May contain organic vinegar. Essential Oils of Lavender & Rosemary.

PURAVEDA REVITALIZING CONDITIONER - Deeply Nourishing Organic Daily Conditioner for Dry, Brittle & Frizzy Hair - Color Safe! Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Soft, manageable and strong hair

Posted by Anna on Nov 21st 2020

I have used this conditioner and the revitalizing shampoo for almost a year now. My hair has never been this healthy. It does nog break anymore, no more knots and it shines like it has a glow. Really happy with it and I will never go back to any other commercial shampoo or condoner ever again.

The best conditioner for dry and curly hair!

Posted by Julia on Mar 9th 2019

This is a super awesome product for dry and curly hair like mine. Last year I had added a few highlights to my hair and that really damaged my hair to a whole new level. I have tried so many products over the years, to no avail. My hair looked like cotton and had become extremely unmanageable and tangled. It was just last week that I switched to Puraveda Organics and I am completely dumbfounded! I use it in combination with the companion shampoo, and follow-up the routine with their hair serum. My hair now feels and looks amazing and restored. I am even starting to get compliments and someone even mentioned how shiny my hair was. I am totally in love with this brand now. Next I am going to surely try out one of their products from the skincare range as well. :)

Absolutely the best!

Posted by Beth on Dec 14th 2016

I love this conditioner and shampoo. My hair is in the best condition it has been in. I feel I can grow it out now and it will actually look healthy! Both this and the shampoo are natural and I have finally found products I can stick with and know they are good for my hair and my hair is super healthy! It has been forever since I have had a haircut, and I don't see split ends! Love all of Teva Skin Care!

Five Stars

Posted by Eli on April 29, 2015 on May 4th 2015

I love this product and will be buying more.

Love this Conditioner!

Posted by S. Wallen "pedalingfree"on September 28, 2014 on May 4th 2015

This conditioner enhances my Teva shampoo for an excellent pairing. I LOVE the fragrance and the smooth manageability it gives to my hair, with a lift to the volume. After looking for the perfect skin care company, I think I've found it!

I'm blown away !! This is an amazing line of products

Posted by Cindi Fornicola on April 30, 2015 on May 4th 2015

I'm including pictures in my review because I feel they speak for themselves . first picture is the products themselves second picture is abused nasty hair from commercialized products third picture and fourth picture our results after one treatment with this line of products only using the shampoo and conditioner! I am truly blown away I love everything about this line at first I was skeptical reading the ingredients and couldn't understand how the oils in the products were going to not make my hair oily but it works it just works!! I recently had my hair done and my hairdresser was completely amazed at the condition of my hair she usually has to chop off a bunch of hair due to breakage and split ends and she barely had to do anything she just had to clean up The shape of the cut because it has been about six months since I got my haircut. She is equally impressed and explain to me normal commercialized products strip your hair very badly and that causes your hair to become extra oily these products have oil in them and intern make your hair extra soft at least that's what I got out of her explanation anyway the smell out of the bottle I was not crazy about but give it a shot anyway and after I blew dry my hair my hair smelled amazing also this shampoo does not lather like normal shampoos the lathering agents in normal shampoos are chemicals and harsh and not necessary after getting used to it I can't see myself going back to horrible commercial products that are harmful to your scalp and your health.I would give this product 100 stars if I could! I also wanted to add this was my own personal experience with these products I was looking for something healthier and I absolutely have found what I was looking for I recommend this product 100%!! This is my honest and unbiased review of this product!!

5 out of 5 stars Love it!!, June 19, 2013

Posted by By frogdox on Dec 8th 2014

I used this conditioner for the first time this morning and I am thrilled!! My hair felt soft and was shiny but not the least bit weighed down or greasy. I am a confirmed hair care product junkie but I believe I may have found my fix in these hair products. ** Review reposted from Amazon.com Verified Customer Purchase product reviews

Best Conditioner I have ever used, June 10, 2013

Posted by By S. Friedrich "Frisco Chick" (San Francisco) on Dec 8th 2014

I discovered this conditioner in Todos Santos, Baja and its the best I have ever used. Smells delicious and left my hair smooth and shiny and bouncy. I had done a lot of swimming and sunning so my hair was not in the best condition to begin with. I am so glad I found out where to get it! And I love the fact that only the best ingredients are used. Thank you Teva! ** Review reposted from Amazon.com Verified Customer Purchase product reviews