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Bioscience Peptide Complex Anti-Aging Serum

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  • Safe Alternative to Anti-wrinkle Injections
  • Eradicate Fine Lines Quickly
  • Firms, Tightens & Brightens Sagging & Dull Skin
  • Award Winning Product
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Cruelty Free
Clinically Proven

This Truly Effective Anti-Aging Peptide serum smooths and fills fine-lines, targets deep expression Wrinkles, and adds bounce and spring to tired, sagging skin by helping reinforce your supportive Collagen net. Our proprietary brightening formula eradicates dark spots and evens skin tone for healthy, younger looking skin. All natural Organic & Ayurvedic ingredients, clinically proven to visibly improve signs of aging in 4-6 weeks of use (1 skin cycle).

The Award Winning BioScience Peptide Complex is a revolutionary formula : read its complete story.


Over 30 skin of any gender can benefit from Peptide therapy, as well as the Collagen amplifying effect. In fact, the earlier you start, the better the results! If you want younger looking (and acting) skin that contains no harmful chemicals with zero environmental impact from a truly 'Green' company, this is your Anti-Aging answer!

Our products have been named Best Natural Brands in the Market for Skincare by Organic Spa Magazine Skincare for the past 6 years! We guarantee everything we make and sell 100%. If you don't love it, we will refund your purchase price.



  • Soften & Minimize Deep Expression Lines
  • Eradicate Fine Lines Quickly 
  • Firms, Tightens & Brightens Sagging & Dull Skin 
  • Brightens and Fades Dark Spots Visible improvement within 2 weeks with cumulative improvement with each skin turnover cycle.
  • Natural Vitamin C, A, E 
  • Improves Skin Tone & Texture 
  • Colorless and fragrance-free 
  • No Perfumes, Dyes, GMOs, Petroleum or Parabens
  • No Synthetic Ingredients Whatsoever
  • Cruelty Free Non-Irritating & Lightweight 
  • No Harsh Retinols or Acids
  • Gentle enough for Sensitive Skin & Rosacea
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


While BioScience Peptide Complex can be used as part of your current regimen, in place of your Anti-Aging treatment serum (after Cleansing and Moisturizing) it was specifically designed to work synergistically with each Dosha Regimen as follows: Take our Dosha Quiz (Ayurvedic Skin Type) here: Click here (if you don't know it)

Check our Regimen page for detailed instructions;

STEP 1: Cleanse, Spritz Toner/Hydrator of your Dosha, leave damp.

STEP 2: BioScience Peptide Complex

STEP 3: Followup Serum or Moisturizer of choice

STEP 4: SunProtect SPF 30+ Sunscreen and Aloe Eye Serum, if Daytime. Overnight Eye Line Prevention, if Night time.


PLEASE NOTE: All skin & personal care products carry (a very small) potential risk of individual allergic reaction, regardless of how natural/organic the ingredients are. This includes even Hypoallergenic products, which means that no known common allergens have been used in the product formula. We strongly recommend doing a small patch test of ANY product 24 hours prior to full application on 1st usage, particularly if you have known sensitivities. Discontinue use if swelling or itching occur and contact us for a refund.

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INGREDIENTS: (All ingredients 100% Organic/sustainably wild crafted) Certified organic vitamin infused Aloe Vera Gel, Tamarind Extract, Gotu Kola, *Essential Oil Blend, (organically derived) Palmitoyl Hexapeptide (Argireline), (organically derived) Palmitoyl Pentapeptide (Matrixyl), Hyaluronic Acid, Olive leaf Extract, ALA, DMAE, Allantoin, **DevaBright, ***Herbal infusion Blend, Soy extract, Vitamin E Oil, Vitamin A and Vitamin B2, CoQ10, Guar Gum and Gum Arabic, Certified kosher and vegan Xanthan Gum & Potassium Sorbate ; essential oil of Lemongrass.

Essential Oil Blend:* Sunflower, Hemp seed, Jojoba, Borage, Evening Primrose, Sesame, Sea Buckthorn, Almond & Grapeseed.

DevaBright:**  Proprietary herbal blend of Licorice Root, Kojic Acid, & Uva Ursi

Herbal Infusion Blend:*** (In-House Steam Extracted) Bladderwrack, Eyebright, Slippery Elm, Fennel seed, Chickweed, Neem leaf, Skullcap, Echinacea, Calendula flowers, Bilberry (Vitamin C bioflavanoids), Ginkgo leaf, Hawthorne berry, Green Tea , Marshmallow root, St. Johns Wort, Rosemary leaf & Alfalfa.


27 Reviews

  • Skin looks younger

    Posted by Nancy on Sep 2nd 2022

    Peptide complex is truly “Botox” in a bottle without all the side effects and chemicals. After I apply it on my face I use any left overs on my hands. Both look better and younger then they did before I used Puraveda Organics. I highly recommend this!!!♥️

  • Bioscience Peptide Complex

    Posted by Karol Barton on Apr 13th 2021

    I love this product. It does what it says it will do and does not cause redness like retin-A or Tretinoin products can. This company knows what they are doing and I will continue using this product and others from PuraVeda!

  • Love

    Posted by Nancy on Feb 15th 2021

    I love this product! My face feels amazing! Less wrinkles and it feels so hydrated.

  • Amazing product

    Posted by Angie Salo on Feb 3rd 2020

    I have been using solely PuraVeda organic products for over a year now and finally decided I needed to leave a review! I have never found a brand I cared to stick to prior to this one, it’s exceeded my expectations in every way. The Bioscience peptide complex is in a league all of it’s own though! It is by far and away the BEST serum I have found to date to make my face simply glow and feel tighter without feeling at all dry or oily! And it smells fantastic! A little goes a long way, so the bottle really is a great value for the money as well, like all their products! Highly recommend this brand to all my family and friends as they have something for everyone!

  • BIOSCIENCE PEPTIDE COMPLEX - Award Winning Organic Anti-Aging 'Topical Botox' Serum

    Posted by Tara S. on Dec 1st 2019

    I just turned 48. I take good care of my skin. But evenso, its been hard to find quality products that actually work to curb signs of aging, much less actually do some repair work. After frustration with soooo many other organic skincare products (little-to-no-results and lotsa money wasted), I did some more searching and came across PuraVedaOrganics. Well I finally found my staple brand! PuraVedaOrganics is everything that I've been searching for. Its important to me to use organic, quality, clean, small batch products. I've now been using Bioscience Peptide Complex for many months (I also use the aloe eye serum, two different toners, and the collagen booster). I've reordered multiple times. I do not want to be without it, b/c my results are exciting. It makes my skin smooth, soft, youthful & dewy. My skin looks lovely & healthy. One day recently while looking in the mirror I surprised myself by saying outloud, "There you are." (b/c as you age you start to feel like you dont know who that person in the mirror is... but these products are healing my skin and giving me real hope of aging gracefully; my skin is looking younger & healthier). I'm seeing hyperpigmentation beginning to fade and fine lines have improved. I'm very happy with how this is going. I have received compliments on my skin a number of times. I even had a 32 year old woman tell me that my skin was so beautiful, that she'd actually thought I was near her age (when she found out how old I was). I dry-brush my face & neck everyday, which I believe is also a really important element of my regiment... to keep the blood flowing to my skin.

Bioscience Peptide Complex Anti-Aging Serum


Bioscience Peptide Complex Anti-Aging Serum