Puraveda's Hair Renewal & health

Personalized Hair Renewal Product Lines 100% Organic & Sustainable Natural ingredients. For Beautiful, Healthy, Salon-quality hair.

100% Clean Dosha Based

Organic Cleansers + Conditioners

No Sulfates

Made with
Black African Soap Bark,
Plant Based Oils & Proven

Revitalizing Line

Conditioning, hydrating, and infused with clinically proven Ayurvedic botanicals, Revitalizing Shampoo + Conditioner sets the foundation for fuller, healthier, stronger, & more vital hair.

Made for Dry, Frizzy, Brittle, and Damaged Hair.

Volumizing Line

Adds massive volume, manageability, health, and shine to lifeless hair.

Our Volumizing duo leaves your hair feeling naturally sassy and luxuriously bouncy!

Made for Fine, Limp, or Oily Hair.

Everyday Line

The Everyday Shampoo + Conditioner restores natural vitality, while also providing salon-like gloss and manageability from home!

Made for Normal to Dry Hair.


Organic Specialized Hair Treatments NO Toxic Overload or Build-up

Fortify & Transform Your Hair

Clarifying Build-up!

The organic color-safe Clarifying Shampoo breaks the cycle of damage caused by chemicals, product overuse or hard water mineral-buildup on your hair & scalp.*

Made with sustainably harvested Black African Soap Bark, Apple Cider Vinegar, & Pure Essential oils to restore clean, healthy, and beautiful hair.

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*Read here for more information on using this product with Hard Water Issues.

Organic Hair Serum

Repair + Shine

Experience the Weightless Moisture & Shine of healthy hair with pure cold-pressed oils & clinically proven organic botanicals.

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Styling + Extra Volume

Get rid of Frizz and Flyaways, with Light Conditioning! Used & Approved by our Professional Stylists & Haircare Experts.


This conditioner enhances my Puraveda shampoo for an excellent pairing. I LOVE the fragrance and the smooth manageability it gives to my hair, with a lift to the volume. After looking for the perfect skin care company, I think I've found it!


I have tried so many organic leave in conditioners but they were all either too heavy for my hair or did not condition or detangle well. This conditioner works perfectly for me. My hair is easy to comb through and looks very healthy. I think it has more of an herbal scent than the citrus scent stated in the description, but I don't smell it all after it has been applied to my hair. I pump a little into my hands and then run it through my hair. This was the first product I have tried from PuraVeda, and I like it so much that I have since ordered 2 other products from them.

Jennifer Leave-in Conditioning STYLING GEL

Well if you are looking for something that will give you movie star quality hair you have come to the right place. I had a preconceived notion about natural Hair care. I thought it would smell so bad but boy I was sadly mistaken!
I am in love this Hair serum. Hair dresser was super impressed with my ends. She said keep using this stuff. I'm excited!

CindiFornicola SHINE ON SERUM