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Pore Perfect Hydrator/Toner for Oily (Kapha) Skin

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  •  Specially Formulated For Oily/Problematic Skin
  • A Big Drink Of Water For Your Face!
  • Alcohol-Free!
  • Penetrates Quickly With No Stickiness
  • Award Winning Beauty Product
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Clinically Proven



Hydrators are NOT the same as moisturizers!  You could be wasting money and product (not to mention time) if you don't know the difference..

Tired of skin that's dry in some areas while feeling like an oil slick in others? Our Organic Oil Balancing Facial Toner & Hydrators is ready to come to the rescue! Specially formulated for oily and problematic skin, this product will help shrink your pores, balance the oil levels of your skin, and give your complexion a more even appearance. Don't waste your time and money on conventional toners that will only dry and irritate your skin with alcohol. Try our Oil Balancing Facial Toner & Hydrator to quench your skin's thirst today!

Rebalance hydration, normalize pH levels, and prepare your skin for the next steps. Our high-performance Pore Perfect Hydrator/Toner is a pure, water-based calming mist that naturally refreshes the skin, while also minimizing enlarged, open pores.

Perfect for Oily (Kapha), Blemish-Prone, and Problematic Skin. Use post-cleansing or anytime your skin feels thirsty! This soothing hydrator is made from Sustainably Wildcrafted Aloe Vera Gel, Comfrey, Green Tea, Ginkgo, Vitamins, and other oily-skin friendly phytoactives. Natural Salicylic Acid from White Willow Bark and Neem Leaf Extract prevents overpopulation of blemish-causing microbes + works as a pore-refining natural astringent. Prevents early development of blackheads and whiteheads, while your skin becomes smoother and even-toned over time.

Organic Spa Magazine Award "Best Organic Products" every year since 2013!

• 4 oz. Bottle
• 100% Organic/Sustainably Wildcrafted Ingredients
• Deep Down Oil Balancing Formula
• Give Your Face The Hydration It Craves!

Who Should Use Pore Perfect Hydrator/Toner?

Pore Perfect Hydrator/Toner is suitable for: 

Skin Type: 
Oily Skin, Visible Pores. 

Skin Concerns: Oiliness, Shiny zones, Acne, Blemishes, Blackheads, Whiteheads, Clogged Pores, Persistent or Recurrence of Pimples, Easily Detectable (Enlarged/Visible) Pores.  

Optimize Skin Hydration Levels

Is your skin battling dehydration and lack of a youthful glow? When dehydrated, your complexion can appear uneven and the pores then compensate to produce excess sebum - resulting in blemishes and an oily-slick on your face. This Pore Perfect Hydrator/Toner has natural humectants that rehydrate the skin. Aloe Vera, Slippery Elm, and Vitamin E reconstruct the natural lipid barrier to optimize natural sebum production - thus, restoring perfectly balanced complexion.

Pore Refinement

Overproduction of excess sebum and deposition of dirt and grime on the skin blocks pores - resulting in blackheads, acne, and open pores. Extracted from the Bark of White Willow Tree, we use 100% natural Salicylic Acid that penetrates deep to dissolve debris and prevent infection from acne-causing bacteria. Other potent plant-based actives, such as Neem, Solomon’s Seal Root, and Beet Root refines pores and removes impurities for visibly healthier skin.

An Instant Calming Experience

Calming plant extracts of Comfrey (with Allantoin) and Green Tea with EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) and Vitamin B-complex which instantly refresh and calm inflammation.

Purifying, Mattifying, and works to reduce visible sheen.

Zero Toxic Chemicals Toxin Free.

Free of Alcohol and Comedogenic Ingredients. Made without harmful ingredients such as Silicones, Parabens, Mineral Oil, Sulfates, Petroleum, GMOs, artificial dyes, colors, or synthetic fragrances. Our products are never tested on animals. Concentrated Organic Sustainable Formula Pore Perfect Hydrator/Toner is formulated with ethically sourced ingredients that are kinder to your skin and the planet. We use 100℅ sustainable organic in-house steam-distilled botanical concentrates. Read our ingredients… No “Greenwashing” here!

Dermatologically tested. Clinically Proven.


Origin: Made in our lab in Asheville NC, in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains (USA).



  • Formulated forOily (Kapha) Skin and Visible Pores.
  • Deep down pH & oil balancing formula. 
  • Mattifying - penetrates quickly without stickiness or an oily feel. 
  • Balances complexion and visibly reduces the appearance of enlarged pores. 
  • Eliminates blackheads, whiteheads, and blemishes. 
  • Harnesses the power of hydro mineral and botanical blends of Aloe Vera, Neem leaf, Ginkgo, Green Tea, Salicylic Acid (White Willow Bark), Bergamot, Vitamins, and other 100% natural botanicals. 
  • pH balanced (4.5), biodegradable, and dermatologically tested. 100% Toxin-free. 



Pore Perfect Hydrator/Toner is a gentle botanical refreshing formula for your facial skin. Use twice daily (Morning and Nightly Regimen) after cleansing with our Organic Pore Perfect Cleanser, or anytime your face feels moisture-deprived for best results.

Step 1: Lightly spritz Pore Perfect Hydrator/Toner directly on face or spray into hands and pat onto face, neck, and décolletage. Can be used under or over makeup as a hydrator.

Step 2: Leave skin damp. Follow with our BioScience Peptide Complex and then Rejuv Serum.

For External Use Only.  


PLEASE NOTE: All skin & personal care products carry a (very small) potential risk of an individual allergic reaction, regardless of how natural/organic the ingredients. This includes even Hypoallergenic products, which means that no known common allergens have been used in a product formula. We strongly recommend doing a small patch test of ANY product 24 hours prior to full application upon 1st usage, particularly if you have known sensitivities. Discontinue use if swelling or itching occur & contact us for a refund.

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INGREDIENTS: (All ingredients 100% Organic/sustainably wildcrafted): Certified organic vitamin infused Aloe Vera Gel. Herbal extracts of Gotu Kola, Horsetail, Chickweed, Comfrey, Slippery Elm, Yucca Root, Neem leaf, Peppermint, Bladderwrack, Lavender flowers, Alfalfa, Calendula flowers, Skullcap, Ginkgo leaf, Green Tea, Hawthorn Berry, Bilberry, Marshmallow Root, St. John’s Wort, Yerba mate, White Willow Bark, Stevia leaf, Solomon's seal root, Black currant, Beet root, Kham Thai & Rosemary leaf. Natural plant sourced Vitamin A , Vitamin C, Vitamin B2 and Vitamin E. Plant sourced kosher vegan Xanthan Gum & Potassium Sorbate . Oils of Lemon, Bergamot & Cypress.

5 Reviews

  • It's working for my acne prone combination skin..

    Posted by Linda on Jan 12th 2019

    I have tried several products to fight my acne and oily skin issues, but the oiliness has really become abrupt with time. I recently decided to switch to natural and after taking a look at the ingredients in this toner, I was convinced enough to try this one out. It doesn't give me an extremely dry feel as other alcohol-based toner do, instead it really makes my skin soft to touch. This toner works really well to keep an oil balance as well as fight blemishes and acne. I am seeing my face less shiny for a good majority of the day. The acne has also reduced to a great extent. I love all their products and this is one is surely another winner from Puraveda Organics.

  • I really like the product

    Posted by Maria on Aug 2016**, Imported on on Apr 13th 2018

    I really like the product. The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars is because of its awkward application method (not sure if it's easier to spray it in the palm and then apply to my face or spray directly on my face - both methods are awkward). Also, the instructions are kind of vague and could be improved. **This review re-posted from Amazon.com product reviews - Verified Purchase.

  • Excellent, very effective hydrator for my combination skin

    Posted by RomanticWarrior on Jun 7th 2015

    Excellent, very effective hydrator for my combination, blemish-prone skin. Neither harsh, nor drying. Highly recommend the entire Teva Skin Care line.

  • Love it!

    Posted by Tootsie ** June 18, 2014 on Nov 21st 2014

    I use this after cleansing and before I apply the Aryu-Deva Bio-Science peptide serum. It makes my skin soft and I am hoping it calms my mild case of rosascea. **This review from Amazon.com product reviews - Verified Purchase.

  • My last toner

    Posted by animosity ** March 2, 2014 on Nov 21st 2014

    This is called a hydrator, but I have always called this kind of product a toner. I always bought them grudgingly, usually as a set, and never consistently. I always thought they were a bit useless, but now I use a serum regularly and find that this product is essential. I t helps any serum to glide evenly over your face and, therefore, you use less and are sure of your coverage. What I did not expect was how much this can stand on its own as a skin care product capable of producing results. I always check ingredients and this list is impeccable. I have problematic skin on a mild scale; some dermatitis, occasional acne, and redness I suspect was mild rosacea. This has a very calming effect on my skin and helps keep it clear and under control. The bottle will seem small but it is a misting pump and it has lasted as long as my bigger bottle. Two sprays covers my face nicely, but it is so refreshing and effective i sometimes use three. There is no discernable scent. I have had a lot of different toners, but this hydrator is different and I will never try another. **This review from Amazon.com product reviews - Verified Purchase.

Pore Perfect Hydrator/Toner for Oily (Kapha) Skin