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Daily Foaming Cleanser for Normal (Vata) Skin

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  • Exfoliates & Detoxifies
  • Formulated For Normal/Dry Skin
  • Remove Impurities Deep Under The Skin
  • Fabulous Scent!
  • Award Winning Beauty Product
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Cruelty Free
Clinically Proven

Nourish as you Cleanse! Our Daily Foaming Cleanser is the first step in your Vata Skincare regimen.  This botanical formula gently, yet effectively removes excess oil, environmental pollutants and other impurities. Calms and hydrates, while laying the groundwork for targeted treatments. Following the principles of Ayurveda and the Science of Western Skincare, our Daily Foaming Cleanser is wildcrafted with an invigorating blend of ethically-sourced botanical extracts, vitamins, and deep sea minerals. Detoxifies without stripping the skin of its natural oils. No Sulfates, Zero Toxic Chemicals, including fillers, emulsifiers and artificial preservatives. So Clean. So Natural. This Daily Foaming Cleanser lathers due to our use of non-detergent sustainably harvested and processed Natural Black African Soap Bark. The ingredients effectively eliminate grime, excess oil, and traces of pollution or makeup - without stripping the skin of natural oils or microflora. A pH balancing formula that protects the skin mantle.Clinically proven to purify and hydrate. Daily Foaming Cleanser makes your skin feel refreshed and balanced everytime! Made for Dry to Normal Complexion. Unisex.

  • 118 ml/4 oz. Bottle
  • 100% Organic/Sustainably Wildcrafted Ingredients
  • Concentrated Active Botanicals & Sea Mineral
  • Balances Your Complexion!

Who Should Use Daily Foaming Cleanser?

Daily Foaming Cleanser is suitable for:

Skin Type: Normal to Dry Skin.
Skin Concerns: Dryness (Xeroderma), Roughness, Wrinkles, Fine Lines, Minor Blemishes or Pigmentation, Flaking, Scaling or Peeling, Asymptomatic, Dehydration.

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INGREDIENTS: (All ingredients 100% Organic/sustainably wildcrafted): Certified organic vitamin infused Aloe Vera Gel, White Willow Bark, Sea Minerals, Grape seed extract, Lemon juice, Pectin, African black soap. Oils of Jojoba, Olive, Avocado, Grape seed, Apricot & Evening Primrose. Plant sourced kosher vegan Xanthan Gum , natural plant sourced Vitamin A , Vitamin C & Vitamin E. Essential oils of Grapefruit, Mandarin, Lime, Litsea cubeba, Orange & Rosemary

7 Reviews

  • Daily Facial Cleanser for Normal Vata Skin

    Posted by Susan on Mar 17th 2020

    I have extremely sensitive skin and break out from most other products. In addition, I don't believe in using harsh chemicals or fragrances and regularly check ewg.org to review ratings on various ingredients. The Pura Veda daily facial cleanser works great on my skin. It cleans well, I never break out, and people comment on how clear my skin looks. My ten-year-old daughter, who is also very sensitive to products, uses this as well. She was using a typical product that's labeled as healthy, but it contains fragrance, which is not healthy. The fragrance became really noticeable when we went on a camping trip. I wanted to pack as lightly as possible, so we only brought her face soap, since she hadn't tried the Pura Veda yet and I didn't want to take any chances on her potentially reacting to it while we were away. When I used the typical product after being away from it for months, I couldn't believe how strong the smell was! It was awful. So I threw it out and switched her to Pura Veda, and it works perfectly for her, too. Good products are good for us, and they're good for our children, too. I've also been in touch with the owner several times to ask questions. She is incredibly dedicated to using organic products which adds a layer of trust to my purchase. I've recommended her products to many friends.

  • Daily Foaming Cleanser

    Posted by Rochelle Barcellona on Nov 12th 2018

    I have super sensitive skin and am a Vata-Pitta. My skin is very Vata. This cleaner does a fabulous job at cleaning well yet being gentle. I love all of the PuraVeda products and use them for my skincare routine. There's a reason why people compliment me on my skin all the time!

  • The best cleanser I found!

    Posted by Laure on Jan 11th 2018

    After trying so many vegan, organic, you name it, I tried, finally I came across PuraVedaOrganics face wash and I will never look back, it is exactly what I had been looking for, a pure organic, all the ingredients listed, foams a little, cleans very well yet very gentle on the eyes. I don't ever need to buy a separate eye wash and face wash. this one does both. It's made in the US, yay, it is truly an amazing company that also provides an excellent customer service. The only thing I wish is that the bottle had a pump, it would make my experience just perfect!

  • Nice Cleanser!

    Posted by lacey on Jun 16th 2015

    Very light, fresh, slightly citrusy scent. Foamy, luxurious application. I just wish for a larger container.

  • The best skin cleanser and causes no irritation.

    Posted by RJMCT ** October 5, 2011By on Nov 24th 2014

    I love this skin cleanser and it never causes any irritation at all. If your in to fragrances it has a pleasant citrus scent and you only need a small amount unlike commercial products. All the products in this skin care line are all natural and concentrated so they last longer than products you buy off the shelf. I started less than a year ago using the renewal complex and was amazed at the results that's why I was happy to find they now have a complete skin care line. Try it you will love it and never look back!!!! **This review from Amazon.com product reviews - Verified Purchase.

Daily Foaming Cleanser for Normal (Vata) Skin