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Aftershave Balm & Toner

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  • Perfect For Daily Use
  • Prevent and Heal Damage From Daily Shaving
  • Natural Plant-Sourced Vitamins
  •  Amazing Sandalwood Aroma!
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Skin that endures daily shaving often develops ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Skip the drying alcohol of commercial aftershaves, ‘balm’s and toners, and instead nourish your skin with our Organic Aftershave & Toner instead! Made with only the authentic sustainably harvested wild-crafted Ayurvedic botanical extracts (steam distilled in-house in our lab for purity and concentration), and USDA certified Organic ingredients, our aftershave is designed to heal, tone, and moisturize your skin post shaving.

  • 4 oz. Bottle
  • All Natural Botanicals
  • 100% Organic/Wildcrafted
  • Formulated To Work With Our Organic BioScience Peptide Complex



Anyone who shaves! While we developed this product for men’s shaving needs, we have found that many of our female clients use it for razor rash and infected, unsightly ingrown hairs that frequently develop post-shaving. The sandalwood scent, while traditionally a ‘male scent’ is also a component in many women’s scents and dissipates in short order.. and as mentioned, is an indispensable healing, anti-infection component of the product.


Origin: Made in our lab in Asheville NC, in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains (USA).



  • Eliminates ingrown hairs and ‘razor bumps’ (ie; infected ingrown hairs)
  • Prevent ‘Razor Rash’ on the most delicate skin.
  • Perfect For Rough, Dry, Uneven Skin.
  • Rejuvenates & Restores Without Irritation.
  • Tones pores for a diminished appearance.
  • 100% Organic, Natural, Wild-crafted Ayurvedic botanicals including authentic Sandalwood essential oil.
  • Sandalwood is not used in this formula just for its amazing warm, woody scent, but also due to the fact that it is a very effective antiseptic agent. It is safe for both internal and external applications. When applied to the skin, it protects abraded (recently shaved) skin and prevents ingrown hairs from turning into pimples ie; ‘razor bumps’ from developing infections.
  • pH balanced (4.5), biodegradable, and dermatologically tested. 100% Toxin-free. 



Puraveda AfterShave Balm & Lotion is a gentle yet effective unisex formula for hydrating, disinfecting, and preventing razor bumps and acne. Use it immediately after shaving/ waxing or whenever your skin feels itchy, red, or irritated as directed:

Step 1: Follow your usual shaving or waxing routine. Once you complete, wash the area gently with cold water and then with one of our Dosha-based Organic Cleansers. Pat dry with a clean towel.

Step 2: Lightly spritz Puraveda AfterShave Balm & Lotion and directly apply or spray into hands and pat onto the shaved/waxed area.

Step 3: Leave skin damp. Follow with our BioScience Peptide Complex (for Face, Neck, and Decolletage) or Vanilla Silk Body Butter (for Body).


PLEASE NOTE: All skin & personal care products carry a (very small) potential risk of an individual allergic reaction, regardless of how natural/organic the ingredients. This includes even Hypoallergenic products, which means that no known common allergens have been used in a product formula. We strongly recommend doing a small patch test of ANY product 24 hours prior to full application upon 1st usage, particularly if you have known sensitivities. Discontinue use if swelling or itching occur & contact us for a refund.

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INGREDIENTS: (All ingredients 100% Organic/sustainably wild crafted) Aloe Vera , Blueberry extract, Black Currant extract, Beet Root extract, Kham Thai seed extract. Plant sourced kosher vegan Xanthan Gum & Potassium Sorbate . Natural plant sourced Vitamin E , Vitamin C, Vitamin B2 and Vitamin A . Essential oil of Sandalwood.

2 Reviews

  • Top Notch Products and Customer Service

    Posted by Hawaii Howie on March 31, 2015 on May 2nd 2015

    I have used department store aftershaves, natural aftershaves but this by far is the best. This product does not sting yet does take care of any bumps (especially in hot weather). The smell is very pleasant, not overbearing and my wife loves it...that's always a plus. I have trust in this company after reading the ingredients and using their product. I did have the opportunity to contact customer service due to a problem with the postal service on our end. They were most gracious in the handling of the issue which was not of their fault. Excellent product and customer service. I will most definitely be a return customer.

  • Fresh, clean, masculine scent June 22, 2013

    Posted by By Dr. S. Jimesan on Dec 8th 2014

    I bought two bottles of this aftershave, after searching the web for a good product that was: a) organic; and b) had a pleasant scent. When I received it, I was pleasantly surprised by its scent: It's simple yet complex, earthy and secure; exactly what I was looking for. As an aftershave, it's effective and leaves my skin feeling refreshed. My second order consisted of 5 bottles; two to keep and the other 3 to give away as gifts to my nephew and family friends. I am very happy with this wholesome product, as both the scent and its properties make it an ideal product. Reposted from Amazon.com - Amazon Verified Purchase Customer Reviews on the above date.

Aftershave Balm & Toner