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Papaya & Honey Exfoliation Mask & Scrub

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  • Perfect For Rough, Dry, Uneven Skin
  • Eliminates Deep-Seated Debris
  • Rejuvenates & Restores Without Irritation
  • Targets and Eliminates Free Radicals!
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Do you have blackheads that just won't budge? Is your complexion muddy, uneven, or rough to the touch? Without proper exfoliation, dead skin cells remain on your face, mixing with excessive oil and clogging pores. Commercial exfoliation products use harsh chemicals and irritating particles that damage skin, triggering redness. Our Organic Daily Facial Mask & Scrub for Normal Skin uses the power of natural ingredients coupled with walnut scrubbing particles to slough away dead skin and encourage cell regeneration.

Teva Skin Science (now PuraVeda Organics) has been named Best Natural Brands in the Market for Skincare by Organic Spa Magazine every year since 2013!  We GUARANTEE everything we make and sell 100%. If you don't love it, we will refund your purchase price.

• 4 oz. Container
• Botanical Extracts For Deep Cleansing & Detoxification
• Removes Residue Left By Makeup
• Visible Results In Just One Use!

For Use as a Mask: Cleanse face. Apply exfoliator in a thin layer. Leave on skin at least 5 minutes (may leave for up to 1 hour). Some tingling is normal and is a result of drawing action of debris from pores. If tingling persists or intensifies remove product. After desired exfoliation time, rinse well with warm water and pat dry. For best results, use 2-3 times per week. Follow treatment with Hydrator, BioScience Peptide Complex II, and/or treatment serums.

Exfoliating Scrub: (may be used up to 1X per day): Cleanse face. Apply a small amount of exfoliator to damp washcloth and gently work in circles on skin, concentrating on problem areas. Rinse well with warm water and pat dry. Follow treatment with one of our hydrators, BioScience Peptide Complex, and/or treatment serums.

PLEASE NOTE: All skin & personal care products carry a (very small) potential risk of individual allergic reaction, regardless of how natural/organic the ingredients.  This includes even Hypoallergenic products, which means that no known common allergens have been used in a product formula.  We strongly recommend doing a small patch test of ANY product 24 hours prior to full application upon 1st usage, particularly if you have known sensitivities.  Discontinue use if swelling or itching occur & contact us for a refund.
INGREDIENTS: (All ingredients 100% Organic/sustainably wild crafted) Honey, Vegetable glycerin, Non-fat milk, Organic Lecithin, Walnut shells. Herbal extracts of Neem leaf, Yucca Root, Sage, Stevia leaf, Eyebright, Echinacea & Fennel Seed. Papaya Enzyme, plant sourced kosher vegan Xanthan Gum & Potassium Sorbate . Essential oils of Lemon, Cypress & Fennel.

7 Reviews

  • Been using since 2014!

    Posted by Jessica on Mar 10th 2019

    This is the best 2-in-1 mask/exfoliator available on the market today. This full strength exfoliation mask has helped me to brighten some of the dark discolorations on my cheek caused by acne. I love how this thick green paste makes my skin soft and glowing after every use. I have been using this product since 2014 and the formula is consistent in giving promising results. My skin now has a smoother texture and is much more radiant. Plus it's organic. If you haven't tried it yet… Give it a try! It won't disappoint you.

  • Seriously Excellent Product!

    Posted by DorothyRar on Oct 16th 2015

    Used this product for the first time after seeing a review on it in a magazine. My skin is much clearer, smoother and radiant. No irritation whatsoever! Looks a little funny, sort of a blackish goo, but I understand that is the honey which is very healing. Well worth it.

  • Incredible is a total understatment! - April 8, 2015

    Posted by Lisa Hester on May 22nd 2015

    I have tried so much for my oily, problematic skin. Can you feel me? I almost gave up hope of ever finding a mechanical (walnuts) and enzymatic products that would work on my skin without irritating my already inflamed acne. This is a very gentle scrub, but I dare to say, with all the herbal aides and enzymes in here, one hardly needs to scrub at all, because the dead skin WILL come off! I applied and let it sit on my face for 15 minutes the first time using it. You can let it sit for up to an hour, but I didn't want to chance irritating my skin. I needn't worry about that anymore. This is HEALING my skin! I use this before bed, drink plenty of water with a good night's sleep and my face has healed greatly in the morning. I have gone from severe cystic acne flare ups to mere unnoticeable small bumps now. And every time I use this at night, my face is still looking better every morning. But I can't say enough of how baby smooth your skin will be when you rinse this off and dry. So worth it! I am impressed. And I am hard to impress. I do an application for you in my video so check it out!

  • Five Stars, November 23, 2014

    Posted by Martha on Dec 9th 2014

    Wonderful scrub for any type skin, I loved it, and my clients did too, thanks, I'll buy again:)) - Professional Esthetician ** Review re-posted from Amazon.com Verified Customer Purchase product reviews

  • Love Teva products!, June 24, 2014

    Posted by shipsahoy on Dec 9th 2014

    Eveything I have bought from Teva is exceptional and although I have not received yet I know it will be outstanding. P.S try her sunscreen holy grail won't be without ** Review re-posted from Amazon.com Verified Customer Purchase product reviews

Papaya & Honey Exfoliation Mask & Scrub