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Clarifying Shampoo

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  •  Won't Strip Color
  • Removes Synthetic Product Build Up
  •  Eliminates Hard Water Residue
  • All-Natural, Toxin-Free Formula!
  • Shinier, Healthier, Stronger Hair in About A Week!
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Cruelty Free
Clinically Proven

Remove Product and Mineral Build-up without stripping natural oils!

If you've used commercial hair care products in the past, it's likely that there's a great deal of chemical and or hard water mineral buildup on your hair and scalp. Typically, the only way to remove this hair-dulling residue is to use a harsh chemical detergent like sodium laureth sulfate. This leads to a frustrating cycle of cuticle damage, brittleness, split ends, and frizziness that requires even more product (generally a silicone-based conditioner) to tame.

Our Organic Color Safe Clarifying Shampoo simply breaks this cycle of damage. Using only the finest natural ingredients, such as sustainably harvested Black African Soap Bark, Apple Cider Vinegar, and essential oils, our Organic Color Safe Clarifying Shampoo clears your hair fibers and scalp of silicone and mineral deposits leaving your hair clean, healthy, and beautiful.


Who Should Use Clarifying Shampoo?

Clarifying Shampoo is suitable for: Hair Texture: Straight, Wavy, Curly, or Coily Hair.

Hair Type: All.

Hair Concerns: Remove product or residue build-up. Eliminate cuticle damage, split ends, and frizz.

  • Effective for All Hair Types.
  • Eliminates Synthetic Product Buildup & Hard Water Residue.
  • Stops Split Ends and Slows Premature Hair Loss.
  • Restores noticeably Shinier, Healthier, Stronger Hair in About A Week!
  • Infused with Aloe, Vitamin, and Sea Mineral (AVM) blend, Apple Cider Vinegar, Pure Cold-pressed oils, and Botanical Concentrates.
  • Won't Strip Color.
  • pH balanced (4.5), Biodegradable and Dermatologically tested. 100% All-Natural, Toxin-Free Formula!
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INGREDIENTS: (100% ORGANIC/wildcrafted),AVM(Aloe/Vitamin/Sea Mineral Blend, Organic Oils of Jojoba, Coconut, Grape Seed , Apricot & Evening Primrose; Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic herbal extracts of Sage, Rosemary, Burdock, Horsetail, Oregano, Thyme, Lavender, Peppermint, Goldenseal, Cinnamon, and Lemon Peel, plant sourced kosher vegan Xanthan Gum & Potassium Sorbate; Organic Essential Oils of Grapefruit, Orange, Rosemary &  Litsea Cubeba. 


4 Reviews

  • The best!

    Posted by Kristin on Oct 2nd 2023

    I love this shampoo! My hair has not felt this soft, squeaky clean and bouncy in a very long time. I was a bit thrown off at first by the lack of lather, but appreciated that this meant I was using a very clean and non-toxic product. I spent extra time slowly working it into my wet hair until it felt clean, and rinsed really well. Worth the labor of love. My hair is so happy, and I’m excited to add this to my routine.

  • Clarifying Shampoo...the best

    Posted by Marjorie on Mar 3rd 2019

    I normally use the volumizing shampoo but every so often use this clarifying shampoo because I have hard water. It truly keeps the hard water deposits from adhering to my hair and leaves my hair soft and shiny. Just an added bonus to Puraveda’s hair line. My hair stays cleaner for longer and once in awhile I have had to have my hair shampooed out and the hair dresser has commented on how healthy my hair is.

  • Great for Kids Hair !!! It was a life saver for me!!

    Posted by Amazon Customer on April 6, 2017**, Imported On on Apr 13th 2018

    This is an amazing product it does what it says!! I bought this product for my 3 year old daughter, she would always wake up with a matted mess and it was torture for her when I combed it out. After looking up suggestions on the web I came to the conclusion that it might be a build up issue due to the detangling products I'm always using on her so I started looking for a clarifying shampoo and I THANKFULLY found Teva and it's been a life saver!!! After a couple of shampoos her hair has improved incredibly no more matting and I'm assuming because its an organic shampoo it was totally safe to use on my little one. I'm incredibly happy with this product and will be purchasing it again!!

  • Cleans my oily scalp well

    Posted by Roshanara Dias on May 21st 2017

    I like this clarifying shampoo. My hair feels full, bouncy and clean. I have been using it with the big and bouncy conditioner.

Clarifying Shampoo