All Natural Rosacea Control

Posted by Deb Oxley On Feb 5th 2015

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Rosacea, a/k/a the 'Celtic Curse' (due to the fact that so many people of northern European descent develop it over time), is an incredibly frustrating and difficult condition to treat. Causing embarrassment, and wasted money in the search for an effective treatment.. it truly is a curse for those who suffer from it! As of this year, the prestigious American Academy of Dermatology has verified what many Ayurvedic practioners have believed for centuries. Rosacea appears to be an overgrowth of a microscopic organism called Demodex mites, and is far more prevalent in 'Pitta' dosha types.  Pitta being a Hindu word that literally means 'on fire' (ie; inflamed).

These mites appear on everyone's skin at around puberty and become more abundant as people get older. While they are harmless and even part of our human ecosystem when kept in check, in some people, for reasons that aren't agreed upon in the scientific community, they run amok, causing a breakdown of the dermis, including redness, irritation and the pustules associated with progressive rosacea. It is thought that certain people have a hereditary propensity for an enzyme they thrive upon, or perhaps don't produce enough counteractive agents to keep them in balance.

Regardless, the most important consideration is getting the situation under control. We know that dietary changes can help somewhat (they love sugar, grains, lactose ect), they thrive under stress conditions, so stress management is of some benefit..and some makeups can exacerbate the problem. (We suggest a high quality mineral makeup applied lightly if you wear makeup).

From a topical skincare point of view, Ayurvedic medicine has come to the rescue for many Rosacea sufferers.  Teva Skin Science's SBR line (as well as our Organic BioScience Peptide Complex) contains both Neem extracts/essential oils and Seabuckthorn, which are potent insecticidal agents but gentle and harmless on the skin. The other ingredients are for healing and calming irritation and redness as well as strengthening the collagen layer to promote healthier skin which is less sensitive.

These products are designed to work synergystically and when used as directed have proven extremely effective in the control of rosacea.  Rosacea cannot be 'cured' as Demodex cannot be eradicted from the environment.  If left untreated, it is a progressive condition, so it's best to catch it early!   As always, our products are guaranteed 100%.

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