Oily/Large Pores (Kapha)

First.. What's a Dosha?

In Ayurveda, the Body and Mind are aligned with the 5 natural elements. Here we are discussing Kapha Dosha, most closely associated with Earth & Water in Ayurvedic terms.

For the sake of simplicity, the Doshas can be broken down along Western Medicine Skincare terminology lines, such as Dry (Vata), Oily/Blemish Prone with large pores (Kapha) and Sensitive/Rosacea prone (Pitta).

Kapha Dosha is characterized by skin that is thicker, oilier and has larger pores. This skin type is lustrous and cool to the touch and can be a healthy and vibrant skin type, and resists aging better than the other two due to it's thick Collagen/Elastin matrix (the scaffolding that literally holds your skin up) but can produce excessive oil, leading to pore blockage (blackheads) and breakouts.

Our Kapha line (as do all 3 of our lines) includes a cleanser, a hydrator, and a serum. All of these products contain proven effective organic and sustainably wild-harvested Ayurvedic botanicals that moderate oil production by working on skin hormones responsible for this oiliness.

We recommend that this Dosha also utilize our PVO BioScience Peptide Complex (after hydrator application and before serum treatment) to combat the signs of aging, which is inevitable even for Kapha dosha and to support a strong Collagen/Elastin Matrix, along with faster cellular turnover..hallmarks of younger skins' functionality.

Follow with our Rejuv Serum (prior to age 35) or our Collagen Boost formula (after age 35) immediately. After your AM regimen, be sure to apply our Sunprotect SPF30+ before applying makeup (if you use). Our products are highly concentrated so a little goes a long way.

  • Sunprotect SPF 30+ Sunscreen Sunprotect SPF 30+ Sunscreen
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Gentle Enough For Any Skin Type Aloe Eye Serum
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    Aloe Eye Serum

    Are you waking up to tired looking eyes? Our Organic Aloe Daytime Eye Serum is the perfect lightweight serum to smooth and erase fine lines and dryness around your eyes.  Made with clean organic botanical Skin Actives which revitalize and rejuve…

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