Oily/Large Pores (Kapha)

Hormones and genetics play major roles in determination of skin type, as genetics often determine hormonal make-up.


kapha.pngAyurveda has its own terminology for skin types and KAPHA is the word used to describe thick, lubricated and well-nourished skin, or ‘oily,’ put simply.

Oily skin comes with having excess shine reflected on the surface of the skin, more noticeable (and larger) pores and more frequent blemish breakouts caused by dirt mixing with oil and trapping in the pores.

Many people think that oily skin is all bad news, but there is one benefit: visible signs of aging are usually delayed for those with Kapha skin type!

How does someone get oily skin? Hormones & genetics play major roles in determination of skin type, as genetics often determine hormonal make-up. Lifestyle choices also have an impact; things like diet and environmental pollution can affect the skin’s appearance.

What type of hormones? Androgens, have you heard of them? They are a male hormone, but exist in both males and females—depending on the amount of androgens a person has, the amount of sebum will be determined. Sebum is what sits on pores and puts off a shine, making skin appear oily and what many people find difficult to deal with from a comfort level as well as self confidence level.

Kapha skin may be oily, but that does not mean it is hydrated, oily skin needs moisturizer too! The best way to improve Kapha skin is to use active ingredients which tighten pores and implement products that keep skin free of debris to smooth and balance skin. Check out our Kapha (Pore Perfect) products below and get your Kapha skin under control today!


  • Powerful Sun Protection without Toxic Chemicals
Super Hydrating & Moisturizing. Works Immediately Upon Application.
Perfect for Vacation, Beach, Pool, & Outdoor Activities.
Water & Sweat Resistance. 
Child Safe.  Paraben, Petroleum & Toxin Free. 100% Vegan.
No Greasy White Sheen
Concentrated Formula, A Little Goes A Long Way!
Works Immediately Upon Application 20% Micronized Zinc Oxide, (All ingredients 100% Organic/sustainably wild crafted) Shea butter, Lecithin, Zinc oxide. DevaBright* (Licorice Root, Kojic Acid, Uva Ursi). Oils of Coconut, Hemp seed, Jojoba, Borage, Almond, Grapeseed & Sesame. Herbal infusions of Calendula flowers, Bilberry, Vitamin C bioflavonoids, Slippery Elm, Fennel Seed, Chickweed, Neem leaf, Skullcap, Ginkgo leaf, Hawthorn Berry, Green Tea, Marshmallow Root, St. John’s Wort, Alfalfa, Guar Gum, Gum Arabic. Essential Oils of Citronella & Lemongrass. Carrotseed oil. Full spectrum earth Iron Oxide minerals.
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    Puraveda Organics

    Sunprotect SPF 30+ Sunscreen

    POWERFUL SUN PROTECTION WITHOUT TOXIC CHEMICALS! Super Hydrating & Moisturizing! | 20% Zinc Oxide | Paraben, Petroleum & Toxin Free | All Ingredients EWG Approved No-Nano Particles | Micronized Zinc Oxide Sun Block | Easy to apply, No…

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  • Revitalize and Rejuvenate your Eyes
Eliminates Puffiness
Creates Brighter, Younger-Looking Eyes!
Lightweight For Fast Absorption 
Free Radical-Scavenging Botanicals
Gentle Enough For Any Skin Type Works like magic to soften and remove fine lines around the eyes, especially when used with one of our hydrators.  Based in Aloe Vera and fortified with healing and rejuvenating essential oils and Ayurvedic botanicals.  Keep in fridge for instant morning eye bag removal!
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    Puraveda Organics

    Aloe Eye Serum

    REVITALIZE AND REJUVENATE YOUR EYES! Tired of waking up to puffy eyes that age your face and make you look tired? Our Organic Aloe Daytime Eye Serum is the perfect weapon against fine lines and dryness around your eyes. Made with tested botanicals w…

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