Our PuraVeda Aftershave and Balm contains soothing Ayurvedic Botanicals to moisturize and calm redness and irritation, while preventing ingrown hairs, (red shaving bumps), but here are a few more tips to help keep your skin smooth and rash free.

We have written extensively on shaving irritation HERE, but we have compiled even more reasons why people get razor rash and linked products that you can buy today to get your skin on track. You deserve to feel smooth, fresh and confident—stop neglecting your skin today!

Top Five Reasons People Suffer from Razor Rash

1.   Forgetting to shave with the direction of your hair growth.

That’s right, many people believe that the optimal way to shave is against the direction of hair growth, when it is in fact the opposite that is best for sensitive skin. If you prefer to shave against the grain, so to speak, be sure that you have first EXFOLIATED and applied warm water so your hair follicles are soft and ready to be shaved.

2.   Using alcohol-based shaving products that irritate skin.

The last thing you want to do is irritate and dry out freshly shaved skin!  Post-Shaved skin does best when properly hydrated and nourished.  Steer clear of harmful filler ingredients that center on chemicals and alcohol. Check out our AFTERSHAVE & BALM, and read about the ingredients we use by looking in our GLOSSARY.


3.   Not switching out your razor.

Razors are not diamonds…they don’t last forever, and you need to regularly switch them out to avoid razor rash. To maintain them longer, be sure to wash out hair and shaving cream and keep blades clean for the closest and most comfortable shave.

4.   Over shaving.

No one likes an “over-shaver,” but honestly, there is nothing more irritating to skin than a blade being repeatedly dragged over it. You are not going to make skin any smoother, you will do the opposite. Lather, shave, rinse and moisturize should be your anthem.

5.   Don’t rush.

Rushing isn’t worth it, ever. If you are shaving, take the time to clean and exfoliate skin, use a clean and sharp razor and use an aftershave that is natural and soothing. It might take more time to prep, but you will save time dealing with painful razor rash in the long-term.

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