Dry/Normal (Vata)

In Ayurveda, the Body and Mind are aligned with the 5 natural elements. Here we are discussing Vata Dosha, most closely associated with Air in Ayurvedic terms.

For the sake of simplicity, the Doshas can be broken down along Western Medicine Skincare terminology lines, such as Dry (Vata), Oily/Blemish Prone with large pores (Kapha) and Sensitive/Rosacea prone (Pitta).

Vata Dosha is characterized by skin prone to dryness, is fine pored, thinner, and (normally) fairer skin that is cool and dry to the touch. This skin type is a beautiful one, but unfortunately is the most prone to premature aging such as fine lines due to it's lack of moisture and oil glands. Being naturally thinner, it is more subject to the ravages and damage brought about by UV rays or Sun Exposure. Sunscreen is an absolute must for this type of skin to prevent this damage to the Collagen/Elastin Matrix of this skin type.

Because we all fall within these 3 main Doshas (skin types) we feature 3 different product lines, each formulated to deal with the predominating issues each dosha can encounter.

Our Vata line includes a cleanser, a hydrator, and a serum. We highly recommend that this Dosha also utilize our PVO BioScience Peptide Complex (after hydrator application and before serum treatment) to combat the signs of aging and to support a strong Collagen/Elastin Matrix, along with faster cellular turnover..hallmarks of younger skins' functionality.

Follow with our Collagen Boost formula immediately. And after your AM regimen, be sure to apply our Sunprotect SPF30+ before applying makeup (if you use). Our products are highly concentrated so a little goes a long way.

  • Daily Hydrator/Toner for Normal (Vata) Skin Daily Hydrator/Toner for Normal (Vata) Skin
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    Daily Hydrator/Toner for Normal (Vata) Skin

    DRENCH YOUR SKIN IN REFRESHING MOISTURE! Hydrators are NOT the same as moisturizers! Read about this HERE.  You could be wasting money and product (not to mention time) if you don't know the difference.. Does your skin crave balance and hydrat…

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