Dry/Normal (Vata)

dryskin.pngEveryone has dry skin sometimes, depending on weather changes or environmental factors, skin conditions can come and go—for some however, it persists as a lifelong condition.

In Ayurvedic medicine, “Vata,” translates to, “dry, cold and light.” Well, we know that your skin isn’t constantly cold, but what it essentially means is that those who have Vata skin have fine pores and a thin dermis, which sadly does age more quickly than those who have KAPHA skin and also greater sensitivity to UV rays.

The good news? We have a skincare regimen especially for those who have Vata skin type, and also an award winning SUNPROTECT product that will protect delicate skin against dangerous UV rays.

Worried about aging prematurely? There are a multitude of ways to keep skin youthful, including monitoring your daily water intake—water is one of the most beneficial tools to ensure healthy looking skin. Beyond that, look to increase and preserve collagen, try our BIOSCIENCE PEPTIDE COMPLEX and see results in as little as three months.

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