Sensitive & Allergy Prone

The vast majority of clients who use our products will not experience any allergic reaction, however, there are those rare individuals who are allergic to natural ingredients, such as milk, honey, etc. that are harmless to most other people. The human immune system usually gets it right, but in the case of allergies, instead of attacking a foreign virus or bacteria, it goes after something harmless instead, which it does via histamine release.

Those with problematic and/or sensitive skin are particularly reminded to test out the effects in a small non-conspicuous area before general application, and this is especially true for those individuals who are allergy prone. It is entirely possible to use a product for a long period of time and experience a previously unprecedented reaction. A person's allergic tolerance threshold can lower to the point where symptoms manifest. Often times, many low-level allergen triggers combined at the same time can create a much greater allergic reaction via synergy.

If a user does develop a reaction over time, discontinue using all products until the reaction subsides. Then take one product at a time and apply to small area (no more than the size of a quarter) of the skin that previously had a reaction. Leave on skin for at least 20 minutes. If no reaction, then try the next product in the same way until all products you use have been tested. Report to us the product or products that created a reaction so we can determine which ingredient(s) might have caused the reaction. Unfortunately allergic reactions can be dormant for a length of time and then, for many possible reasons, reach a tipping point and manifest.

Since the use of the products by others is beyond our control especially in terms of combining our products with other manufacturer's products, no expressed or implied guarantee as to the beneficial effects of their use can be given nor liability taken.

Our skincare products are guaranteed for a one year shelf life after purchase, and are naturally preserved without the use of chemical preservatives. However, once products are opened, we cannot guarantee spoilage due to individual hygiene habits when handling the products. For jarred products we recommend to use a sterile spatula. Avoid getting water or any other contaminants into the containers as this may also cause spoilage. Unlike chemically based products, natural and organic ingredients vary considerably and we do our best to adjust each batch that we create for consistent results. Slight differences in color or scent are possible from batch to batch.