The PuraVedaOrganics Story

debandtony2011.jpgAs is the case with many businesses, Pura Veda Organics Inc. (Formerly, Teva Skin Science LLC) was born out of a combination of opportunity & hard work.

We ‘discovered’ our original ‘topical Botox’ (BioScience Peptide Complex) while on a business trip to New Delhi. This cream was legendary among flight crews due to it’s wrinkle fighting ability, moisturizing benefit and extreme gentleness (unlike many anti-aging creams).

We quickly realized that the Argireline and Matriyxl peptides were responsible for wrinkle reduction, but were amazed at how well the other ayurvedic botanical actives such as essential oils performed. We determined to bring this product to North America and Europe and cleared FDA 4 years ago.

The last few years  have been a crash course education in anti-aging skin care. Encouraged by our customers, we have since developed a truly superior line of 100% organic and Ayurvedic skin, hair & personal care products, made here in our all organic production facility in Asheville NC.

UPDATE: Our 100% organic Ayurvedic (paraben free!) BioScience Peptide Complex II, is finally available to the general public. We have worked very hard for the past 2 years at our lab here in Asheville, on the  Beta versions to bring you a new BioScience that is, quite honestly, a breakthrough in serious anti-aging AND organic skin care... The addition of DMAE, hyaluronic acid, COQ10, EGF and our newly trademarked DevaBright are just a few of the major improvements we’ve made to the formula.

We hope you will consider trying our line of skin and personal care products. We guarantee you cannot find better quality ingredients in more effective concentrations at any price. We also guarantee your money back on any product that does not exceed your expectations!