Deep Conditioning that Adds Volume & Hydration
100% Organic Ayurvedic Formula
Lightweight, Non-Residue Styling
Beautiful Control & Shine
Light Citrus Scent
Concentrated Herbal Infusion Botanicals
Zero Alcohol, Sulfates, or Petroleum
Concentrated Formula: A Little Goes A Long Way!
DEEP CONDITIONING THAT ADDS VOLUME & HYDRATION! Want to improve your hair's manageability and shine without the weight and residue that comes along with many commercial conditioning products? Our Organic Leave-In Conditioning Styling Gel delivers...
Naturally Clean Hair with Massive Volume
Great For Fine, Limp, or Oily Hair 
Sulfate Detergent & Chemical Free
Delivers tons of Shine and Volume
Lifts Environmental Toxins Without Stripping Hair
Won't Dry Out Your Scalp!
Restore The Silky, Shiny Hair Of Your Youth
NATURALLY CLEAN HAIR WITH MASSIVE VOLUME! Because they're often made with harsh chemical detergents, most volumizing shampoos on the market will still strip and damage your hair over time. Break the cycle of damage and residue with our Big & Bouncy...
Restore Damaged Hair with the Power of Natural Botanicals
Great for Curly, Coarse, Dry, Damaged, or Brittle Hair
Zero Chemicals or Toxins
Reduces Breakage and Spilt Ends
Detangles and Smoothes For Maximum Shine
RESTORE DAMAGED HAIR WITH THE POWER OF NATURAL BOTANICALS!   Many commercial conditioners claim to restore and revitalize your hair, but they lack the ingredients necessary to actually address the causes of dry and damaged hair. Instead, these...
Restore Brittle Hair to its Former Balance
Great for Curly, Dry, or Brittle Hair
Completely Free of Chemicals and Toxins
Sustainably Crafted With Organic Ingredients
Cleans & Revitalizes Without Stripping Oils
Guaranteed To Deliver Soft, Shiny Hair
Eliminates Split Ends Without Harsh Detergents
RESTORE BRITTLE HAIR TO ITS FORMER BRILLIANCE! The commercial shampoos you find in the pharmacy and grocery store are full of chemicals that will strip your hair. If your hair is curly, or already dry and brittle from previous damage, these toxic...
Remove Product and Mineral Build Up Without Stripping your Natural Oils
Won't Strip Color
Removes Synthetic Product Build Up
Eliminates Hard Water Residue
All-Natural, Toxin-Free Formula!
Shinier, Healthier, Stronger Hair in About A Week! 
Stops Spilt Ends and Slows Premature Hair Loss
REMOVE PRODUCT AND MINERAL BUILD UP WITHOUT STRIPPING YOUR NATURAL OILS! If you've used commercial hair care products in the past, including styling mousse or hairspray, it's likely that there's a tremendous amount of silicone build up on your hair and...
For Voluminous Hair that is Drenched in Moisture
Deep Conditioning Formula with Shea Butter and Botanical Infusions
100% Organic Ayurvedic Formula
Effective For Daily Use
Reduces Hair Loss
Completely Residue-Free!
VOLUMINOUS HAIR THAT'S DRENCHED IN MOISTURE!   Tired of commercial volumizing conditioners that work for a few weeks, only to leave your hair duller and limper than when you started? Stop the vicious cycle created by chemical-based...